Is Social Media Right for Me Right Now?
Aaron Dowd

Hi Aaron Dowd!

First off, I didn’t know you had a Medium! Also, your Iron Man training has inspired me to up my fitness game too. I’m not running a marathon, however I’m running 3 to 4 miles three days a week. That’s on top of lifting 3–4 days a week too. So thanks for that.

Side note*

I’m going to start writing articles on here that are tertiary skills. Like, everything I’ve learned about productivity, psychology, and philosophy over the last year.

Social media isn’t a waste of time doing things without a purpose is.

I’ve fundamentally changed my view on social media over the years. I used to think it was dramatic and it polarized the way I viewed the people around me. Then Seanwes taught me to curate my feed.

So, I cut out 80% of the people that I follow on websites like Facebook. I started to ask questions like:

How would following this person help me stretch my life goals?

How is this person helping me get to my life goals?

How can I help this person move their life goals forward?

Now when I go on social media it doesn’t take energy away. It gives me energy and knowing that there’s other people out there who are working even harder than I am, it pushes me daily.

But you already know this, and most of the Community are probably doing this a 100% better than me. I’m not saying that to put myself down, everyone is just incredibly talented. We all help each other reach higher.

But that doesn’t help solve the problem we all have with social media.

How can I make social media worth my time?

This is a question I don’t think people ask enough. So for me I’ve come up with a solution. Every day I take 5 to 10 minutes and try and make someone’s life better that I’m close to or that I’ve never met. This could be complementing someone’s work on Behance, answering someone’s question on Quora, all-around being useful to the people around me, inspiring them in the way that Seanwes inspires me.

That impact as small as it may be, gives me energy when I brighten someones day. In the grand scheme of things I think the 5 to 10 minutes is net-good. Even a pebble creates a ripple when thrown in the water.

Lastly, we could do the most incredible work in the world but what’s the point if we have nobody to share it with? Don’t get me wrong, I love the work Cal Newport is doing and Deep Work is one of the books next on my list, but social media isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom to a much bigger problem which is people are not developing their purpose in life. Like, level Sean McCabe purpose.


Start with the question, “how can I make social media worth my time?” Build out what kind of impact you’d like to make with that platform. Do that purposefully and your contribution and will be a net-good to you and the world.