Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

Hi Amanda,

thank you so much for putting this out. I read every word.. and I am trying to take everything in. I’m not quite sure that I’m there yet, but there is a lot to be said.

I am really hoping that you read this because I want your perspective.

As a straight, white, dude I am not going through the same things that you are going through right now. I can sympathize and care for your feelings.. which I do.. I have many minority and gay friends that I care deeply about.. but I have no idea the feelings and experiences you’re having.

I am not doing a great job of getting to my true point.. which I will just hop right in to now.

I come from a very small rural town. I voted for Hillary.. the rest of my nuclear family did not.

Although I have a lot of conservative sentiments, I can never see myself voting along that line because of some of the same concerns that you have. I believe that my friends should have the same rights that I do… most republicans just don’t feel the same way.

I could never imagine cutting my family out of my life though. Yes they say that they love me… and I know — without a shred of doubt — that they do. Honestly, I am sure that your friends that say that they love you do as well.

Hillary Clinton’s message was ‘Stronger Together’ quite frankly I think she did a pitiful job of actually demonstrating that.

The act of cutting people out of your life, pigeon holing them in to a larger subset of people because of this one vote… because of this one act is just as much of an attack on our society as the vote itself was.

In my humble opinion, by cutting people out you are committing the same act as those that voted for Trump.

How can we as a society as for tolerance, forgiveness, understanding when we ourselves are unwilling to share that with others.

Yes, your rights are at stake… and that blows, it really does. I am truly scared for my friends and loved ones. Thursday I was in such a funk I didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt helpless. But this is no time for sulking and self pity (that it directed at me more than anyone.)

Some people feel that their safety is at risk, their income is at risk, their health is at risk. They are not even taking in to consideration the magnitude of some of the discriminatory things that have been said by our President-elect. I can say this from experience in conversation with my own family. To diminish their concerns, thoughts, and feelings is not right.

I challenge you to instead of building walls build bridges. Create conversation. Have a healthy debate.

That’s a crazy thing to do right now. In a world where everyone just wants to make sure that the other person is wrong and everything is taken so personally… it’s hard.

But you know what? It has to be done.

I don’t know how to make that happen yet, or what it looks like… but I know that it can be done. At the core I know that humans are a loving, compassionate species, we just have to remind people of that.

Thank you again, so very much, for sharing your heart. Please, please, please, just don’t take it away from other people in your life that deserve it. We all need it more now than ever before.