How to Improve your Twitter Engagement in 2019

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for brands, so it is important to have strong engagement on the platform. In this blog post, I will be talking about 4 strategies for improving your brand’s Twitter engagement in 2019.

#1 Find the peak hours

To have the greatest engagement on Twitter you must be posting during the peak hours when your audience is online. The hard thing is finding the “peak hours” because they vary by industry, location, and audience demographics. Two free tools I have used to find peak hours are FollowerWonk and Audiense.

#2 Use visuals frequently

This strategy is great for Twitter as well as many other social media platforms. Adding an image, video, or GIF to your Tweets significantly increase their visual appeal. Words cannot capture people’s attention in a newsfeed nearly as well as a photo or a video. Also, visuals can help brands provide more context to their content than just using text alone… like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When looking at Away’s Twitter feed, I saw every single recent post contains a visual. Visuals are also extremely frequent on the feeds of Airbnb, Uber, and McDonalds. If you are not using tons of visuals, you are totally missing out!

#3 Make the most of retweeting

Twitter’s algorithm factors in the number of likes and retweets to determine the popularity of a Tweet. If you have a great Tweet from the past which had strong engagement, it is worth retweeting it to increase your brand exposure. It can also be wise to retweet posts from your followers that you think would resonate well with your other followers. This does not only provide a valuable piece of content for your feed, but can also make your followers more inclined to retweet you in the future.

#4 Twitter accounts grow when they provide value to their followers

Your followers and potential followers are always looking to receive value by following your account. You should always be providing the best information possible to your followers. It is a wise idea to always provide links in your Tweets so that followers can easily click to learn more about the content. You should also try to excite your followers with your content and this can be done by giving away special coupon codes, doing giveaways, etc. Lastly, you should have a customer service team connected to your Twitter to solve any problems people have.

I hope you liked this post!

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