Tokyo x mushroom

Welcome to imushroomblog! This blog is for all mushroom lovers and will-be mycophiles. Many aspects of the Fungi Kingdom is yet to be discovered, leaving us room to explore. Recently, I discovered that some mushrooms are facing extinction, due to global warming and urbanization. Not only will this destroy the ecological cycle of our environment, it will also bring upon ramifications that WE will have to deal with in the future. The least I can do, as a mycophile, is to raise awareness by exposing the beauty of the world of mushrooms to all of YOU. This blog will take you on a journey that will, for sure, intrigue you and mesmerize you. The taxonomy, location of the mushrooms etc. in this blog will be based in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, urban lifestyle is slowly cornering mushroom habitats, causing detrimental damage to many species. To prevent this, and to discover the beauty of mushrooms, please embark on a journey with me.

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