Tips on Choosing the Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Mayumi Sugai
Jul 25 · 4 min read

Living in a small space can be a big challenge, especially for people who have become used to living in larger sized homes for a longer period of time. The adjustment period can be tough, as you might experience the difficulty of choosing the best luxury furniture in the Philippines that can fit into your small space.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of furniture that would not only fit into your small space but will also maximize it as well. With space becoming a premium, here are some of the best pieces of furniture that will surely look great in your home’s small spaces.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are some of the most stylish pieces of furniture around, as they are both comfortable and space-saving, making them great for rooms and homes with small spaces. One of the best Ottoman variants are the storage Ottomans, as they offer you with storage space inside that allows you to store a good number of items.

This helps reduce the amount of clutter that can build up in your room, and provide a cleaner way of storing your items without having to add a drawer or cabinet, both of which can take up valuable space. Storage Ottomans are great for small living rooms and bedrooms, as they add both style and comfortable seating without taking up too much space.

Wall Mounted Folding Table

With space becoming more limited, there are times when having a full-sized table would just no longer be a viable option, as you would need more space for other furniture in your home. This is why using a Wall mounted folding table can be the most practical and efficient option around.

These tables are a number of times smaller than your average house table, with the added option of being able to fold it when not in use. These kinds of tables are the ultimate space savers, providing you with more room to add other furniture or maximize your space even more. These tables also come in different shapes and styles, as certain types can be used for either dining or working.

Platform Bed

Beds are another piece of furniture that can take up a lot of space inside a room, with some of the larger beds even taking up almost half or room space. This is why the best solution that would help save you space, while also providing you with the best comfort is getting a platform bed.

Platform beds are unobtrusive pieces of furniture that help you maximize the space of a bedroom, while also having enough room for you to sleep on. This will allow you too add more furniture into your room, and even leave more open spaces for you to move around.

Corner Desk

The traditional desk can be a piece of furniture that is heavy, hard to move, and takes up a lot of space in a room, leaving little room for your other furniture pieces. This makes getting a smaller corner desk provides you with more space and the same functionality that a larger desk can offer.

These are also ergonomically designed as well, providing you with a good amount of comfort that will allow you to work efficiently in your home office. The best part about adding a desk in the corner of your room is that it does not obstruct with other furniture, giving your room a more consistent design, and more space to maximize.

Multi-purpose Shelves

The classic set of shelves can be cumbersome and very heavy, taking up a single side of your room easily. While shelves offer you enough space to store your items, it is simply too big at times and leaves you with less space to add furniture that you might need as well. This is why getting smaller and more efficient multi-purpose shelves will provide you with a better way of saving your space, while still having a place to keep your items on.

These are also more affordable and easier to move around as well, which is something that is perfect for the small space that you are living in.


While some nightstands take up too much space and offer little functionality, picking one that offers you with a lot of storage options will maximize the space in your bedroom. This makes nightstands the best piece of furniture next to your bed, as you have a place for your important items, without having to add too much space.

Key Takeaway

Small spaces are becoming more common nowadays and having the right furniture that would help make full use of these limited spaces, and give you a well-designed and efficient home. By choosing these wonderful pieces of small furniture, you would be able to save the most amount of space, without having to sacrifice comfort and practicality.

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