idea for an APP | First step to an Internship

It all started when I joined IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Developement), an online course provided by NPTEL in association with Hasura. I completed the assignments and appeared in the final test, scoring an overall of 84%, which, much to my delight, landed me an internship with Hasura.

First week task

The task in the first week was to come up with an idea for an app that can be demonstrated and used as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just 3 screens. I discussed this task with a few of my friends and researched the internet for viable ideas. After long sessions of discussion and surfing the internet, I finally settled on the idea for an app for a Collaborative White Board.

The idea

The idea of the app is pretty simple, to create an online platform for collaborative brainstorming by a group/team of people from across the globe. This sort of brainstorming is usually required for startup ideas, projects or the onset of any form of development in a group.

Team Collaboration (

Brainstorming and demonstration are best done through discussion and sketching/writing on a whiteboard. This app aims to provide both of these features — the group chat, where we can share images, docs, links, and videos as required, and live and interactive sketching on the whiteboard. Video conference could solve the problem too, but that would require each participant to have a physical board available or use some other software alternative. My app would make group brainstorming much simpler.

To collaborate on an idea, the requirement for the team to be together in a room is no longer mandatory, as the app can be accessed from anywhere across the globe over the internet.