Top 5 Crypto To Stake With $100 or Less (August 2018) | Best Dividend / Reward - Paying Tokens
Matthew Bardeleben

Thanks for the write up!!

Plenty of dev in kmd, it’s the rankings stats that need an eye kept on :D
I’m a contributor to kmd (disclaimer).

FYI the cryptomiso rankings for KMD don’t use all komodo repo data. They only look at the main codebase of the dex network, whereas other projects put all their code into one codebase. E.g. wallet, website, changelog etc. you’ll find the #1 for this current edition of their rankings does this. They are obviously doing lots of work, but website updates getting counted in blockchain dev stats vs projects not utilising this workflow for src code management.

Thanks for your interest in all our projects and keep up the writing!!