Big Data and Analytics use cases and Data repositories

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I wanted to put together the collection of use cases and scenarios/examples, on Data Analytics. I also attempted to find some related online references/blogs written by those (who are smarter than me) on Data Analytics. Hope you like what you see below! Cheers!

Collection of Analytics use cases:

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Use Case 1*: A Japanese Restaurant, wants to analyze the customer base and daily transaction database to identify and give surprise rewards to frequent, loyal customers who smiles, treats the waiters well with good tips, etc.

Did you wonder, why I picked the restaurant example first :)

Note: I wasn’t particularly looking for Spark +Cassandra, but i did find this blog: really nicely written.. on Bank transaction.. not exactly a If not all please read only the first few pages:

Use Case 2*: Analyzing Taxi Trip data found in places like this: NYC Taxi/Limousine data:

(a) Tipping habits of passengers that are Movie goers :)

(b) Various of the amount of tips given by various types of passengers. (young people, families, couples, seniors, disabled etc.)

(c) Trend of consumers who use Uber v/s public taxi users

(d) how long does the taxi ride take from Manhattan to JFK airport at various times of day.

Check out this blog:

Be sure to check out the 2016 update of the same blog: Uber usage sky-rocketed!!

Use Case 3: IOT data analytics …

To be continued …

NOTE: Hope you like what you see above … potentially we can use some of this for the DC show.


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