On Riding the Tides of Motivation

I woke up at 2:30am today. It’s a good day, and I expect to get a lot done. I slept about 5 hours.

Last week, 8–9 hours of sleep was the norm. I lounged in bed. Once awake, I spent entire mornings without actually getting anything done.

It’s natural to resist these fluctuations. The ups and downs. Terrified by the specter of depression, we tame the tides of motivation so to make each day appear the same.

Each day is not the same. Any attempt to make them so is to lead a boring life. It is these variations which lead to flashbulb experiences.

Some days I consume. Lounging on the couch, reading books and sleeping late my mind steeps in an intellectual broth of idleness.

Other days I produce. In a flurry of activity, all of those vague thoughts which began as “idle time” suddenly are made manifest.

It’s not that the down-days are inevitable (they are); it’s not that they’re useful (they are); it’s that they are necessary which is surprising-yet-true.

This is what it is to be human. Energetic, sunny seratonin days and silent, rejuvenating dopamine nights. Psychological and physiological circadian rhythms played out over weeks, months, years, lifetimes.

Our impact upon the world — our legacy, if you will — is the wake left in riding these tides of motivation.

Consume. Create. Enjoy.

— Zane Kenneth Claes

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