Dear USA: Your election was bullshit and your own rhetoric is to blame

“The greatest country in the world”: Wishful thinking o Inferiority Complex?

One of the most repeated phrases in this past election period was “America is the greatest country in the world”. But, if we factually check that phrase you’ll only find fallacies.

First, America is a Whole Continent and the sole fact that you arrogate the name for ourselves should be shameful. I know you wanna make it short, but the rest of the continent doesn’t have the fault that you put such a large name for your nation. 
Then, we have “the greatest”. Is not the largest, it doesn’t hold the most population in the world, is not the biggest economy, is not a great place to live according to the experts. Just watching your news for an hour and you can fill the paragraph with a zillion reasons more.
The USA is a very powerful country that holds a lot of influence in the rest, and that’s it. You can arrogate yourself great advances in sciences, critical thinking, arts and all, but that’s not enough to call yourself “the greatest”.

When you call yourself “the greatest” there’s not much space there for auto criticism. When you think you are “the greatest” you refuse to see what’s wrong with you, and even your problems seems like little things that of course you can fix cause your are great.

The past elections show exactly what everybody in the US are too blind to see: There’s a huge group of people living in your country that are severely uneducated. For me, bad education is a capitalist necessity of the dominant class, so they can make and pass laws without the active control of people. This people with bad education are probably the poorest, the ones suffering every economy hit, the ones facing the substantial social inequality the US have.
That’s not from a greatest country in the world. Not even make for a great one.

Democracy is not your right to vote every four years. Democracy also is to be active in your community and discussing with people to get agreements: this happen in schools, neighborhoods, city halls, in your everyday life.

Even in Hillary won the popular vote, an impressive amount of people vote for an ignorant pig. Probably the massive majority of that group holds an amount of beliefs and views of the world that are tainted and shaped by their bad education. 
In a world with bad education things as having a debate with an open mind, develop a critical thinking, or having spaces to celebrate diversity simply doesn’t exist.

Is the US American people trying to convince themselves or the rest of the world about it? Your massive cultural dominance and your influence in international politics makes us believe so, but that’s a lie I’m not gonna buy.

Undoubtedly, a huge amount of US Americans believe that their live in the greatest country in the world. And at the same time, their feel like shit in their everyday lives. That’s probably the Trump slogan resonate so well in people.

And only because of a fallacy you love to repeat again and again.

So the Trump voters believe USA in the greatest country in the Universe, or just to believe it and now make that again. That’s the tramp of rhetoric, and all of you fall.