Purpose Means Nothing Without Passion…And A Great Team

It’s a new year and there have been many shifts in my life recently. No matter what seems to go wrong or right, I know there is one consistency in my life — my team.

Throughout my journey as a recruiter, I have seen many perspectives on life’s purpose through work and what drives someone to accomplish things at high levels. I have recently been contemplating how I ‘feel’ when I accomplish something I said I was going to do and have reached that level of success.

That moment:

  • Ravishing
  • Feelings of relaxation
  • Perspective
  • Motivation
  • Fiery Passion
  • Appreciation
  • That nervous/exhilaration feeling that pops out of your chest and seems like you are about to have heartburn

Ya, that moment — you know that moment.

When I think of my team, I realized I get that exact feeling. From my reflections I have realized, this feeling is the only feeling I want to chase. The success will come but that feeling should always remind you of your purpose. That feeling creates your passion and in turn creates your purpose.

My purpose is to create value in society and my passion comes from my amazing, inspiring team.