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Cover of San Antonio Review (Volume III, Summer 2020) available at bookstores near you soon!

We’re very happy/relieved to announce that the order for the print proof of San Antonio Review’s third issue was placed Friday afternoon. While we wait for it to arrive, our editor and publisher will finally write the introductory editor’s note and finally finish the reviews he’s included in the issue. Once we’ve reviewed and made any necessary fixes to the physical version, we will enable it for print distribution throughout the world.

What can you look forward to?

Over 230 pages of

How to Swim with Dolphins | Jennifer Hill
If Someone Says Catalina | Margot Kahn
The Falls | Larry Smith
Giving the Finger to Mr. Death | Larry Smith
Mingo Dreaming | Larry Smith
The River | Larry Smith
Waiting for the Coming Storm | David Prather
Banff | Joyce Schmid
Flight to Managua | Neysa King
The Tree Line Distant and Still | Nicolas Visconti
Two Covid-19 Poems | Alan Altimont, Ph.D. …

Quick resource to share for Texas voting-by-mail:

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First thing this morning after finishing Peter Berard’s 2017 birthday reflections and curating Texas Freedom Network’s Daily News Clips, I created to serve as a quick resource for Texans seeking to apply for their absentee ballots in order to vote by mail.

I figure those who oppose democracy among Texas Republicans’ plans include running out the time remaining to request an absentee ballot in Texas. I’m not one to depend on the courts ultimately forcing Gov. …


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Writer | Critic | Essayist | Public Policy | Marketing in Austin, Texas.

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