How Keychain Flashlights Came To Be

Amazon ImageA flashlight is a small portable container, fitted with an electric light bulb and dry cell battery. This portable electric light was first used in the 19th century, after the invention of the dry cell battery in 1896. Since the device does not provide a steady stream of light, and appears to be flashing, thus it was called a flashlight. Flashlights vary in size, shape, weight, and brightness. Today, keychain flashlight has grabbed so much attention as it changed not only in shape but also lighting efficiency.

The first generation of flashlights was big and bulky. But over the years, flashlight with round heads and long handles with sliding bridge switch appear to be the standard shape. Flashlights were first introduced in the market by Conrad Hubert. Conrad Hubert’s company was named American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company. With his keen awareness on how much profit he could gain by creating novelty items in the electric industry; and with the help of David Misell also an inventor, he never got tired of inventing, reinventing, and improving lighting devices, until he was granted a US patent for his flashlights after receiving positive testimonials from policemen to whom he gave the flashlights to for testing. As his business grew, Hubert’s company policies changed, thus changing the name of the company to “The American Ever Ready Company,” which was shortened to Eveready, also the company’s trade name.

As the company grew, it continued on improving its products even more; and with the invention of the incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament, the vest pocket tungsten flashlight was brought into the market which became popular. After the vest pocket tungsten flashlight, search lamps, intricately made art decorative candle lamps and house lamps became popular.

Decade after decade, flashlight size and design became smaller and more interesting. With the invention of light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, keychain flashlight was created, though there was not much information on who was really the inventor. Our generation now bid goodbye to heavy, bulky, and even the handy penlights as we are now favoring this fascinatingly compact light-emitting device.

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Keychain with flashlight have given the word keychain a whole new meaning. It is not just a tool for holding keys together but also, the tool became efficient as also served as a portable lighting device. Now we may think that the light of these amazingly small lighting devices may not be as bright or as powerful as your ordinary lamp. On the contrary, even keychain flashlights smaller than AAA batteries can generate light bright enough to assist automotive workers in looking into the engine or under the hood or vehicle.

There are many keychain flashlights available in the market. Some emit colored lights; some have yellow and white light. Colored keychain flashlights are really novelty items which are fun to have. If you want a portable lighting buddy, you may want to purchase a keychain flashlight which is not only compact and durable, but also would provide a clear, bright light when the need arises.

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