How Far Can You Go? Start Reading Or You’ll Never Know..

A short, but hopefully a motivating read

I’m not sure what to say here

I guess I’ll just start typing then..

Maybe somewhere along the way I’ll realise what I should talk about

In fact, isn’t that how life usually plays out?

Don’t we figure out how things work along the way? I know for a fact that I do.

Sometimes (always) it feels like I’m a kid playing grown up, trying to build a picture of the world and how it works

In my experience, I found that starting was the necessary step towards figuring things out

On our road to fulfilment, we search and we search for our life’s purpose, only to discover that our purpose has always been inside us

We just forgot to look..

We just forgot that starting builds momentum..

But that’s okay

It’s alright to take some time to reflect and ask yourself is this really what I want to do?

Is this the path I want to take?

Although, no matter what’s in front of us or what we aspire to be, we should learn, we should grow, we should adapt

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Right?

We should face challenges head on

We need to look fear right in the eye and punch it in the face

Because that’s how it’s done

That’s how anything’s done

You start, you learn, you decide your next move

You take the first step outside your comfort zone

Because, that’s where you grow. That’s where you discover you had it in you the entire time..

I’ll close with something I know for sure;

You never know where you‘ll end up until you start

My intuition says, you will never know how good you could be, how far you could go, how much of an impact you could make until you start

Now, what idea will you pursue? What sparks your curiosity?

It’s not going to just happen

You have to make it happen

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s some lemons 🍋 🍋 Now make some lemonade 🍹

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Thank you for reading.

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