Your best work right now sucks.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

That hits the spot Jon Westenberg

I couldn’t agree with you more mate! That’s exactly why even though I know my first Medium post was ‘Why it’s never too late to join the party’. I needed to put myself out there and tell the world “here I am, this is me”. I knew it was going to be shit (that’s why I even asked you to have a read and let me know what you think before I published it) and I’m okay with that because I know I can’t improve without taking that first step.

It’s natural to compare our work with the experts that we’re trying to emulate, but I’ve taken an approach to learn the best practices from these experts rather than actually compare my work with them.

The best part about making progress is that when you look back over the years, you know that small effort made a difference.

I really appreciate you encouraging people to just start, even if it is shit — that’s the only way you’ll know if it was worth it.

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