How new technologies can create huge numbers of meaningful jobs
World Economic Forum

Augmented Reality makes it easier to outsource jobs.

I am a great believer in the transformational potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

However we need to be clear-eyed when we discuss such matters. The fact of the matter is that all of those technologies require people to learn or exploit new and different skills, and they allow jobs to move anywhere on the planet. 3D printing can lead to fully customizable products, and could spell the end of mass production. However, 3D printing also attacks the tyranny of geography, and allows designs to come from anywhere and produced anywhere.

We may be approaching the post-scarcity economy. Indeed all famines of the last fifty years resulted from political upheaval and war rather than from lack of food production.

What we need to solve are the societal problems of income inequality and Rent-A-Car by the wealthiest people among us.

Those identified as the top 1% who control the vast majority of the world’s wealth are in fact the LEAST productive people on the planet. They make their money the old fashioned way that landlords did from tenant farmers or serfs.

To improve the condition of workers with new skills enabled by VR, AI and robotics requires a more fluid economy where work and the creation of value can move freely around the planet without the impediment of hyper-wealthy elites who can drain the value of other people’s work.

I realize that this begins to sound like “arise worker’s of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.” It may be time for just that although I would recast it and add back some earlier thinking about economics to say that we need to eliminate is the dead hand of rent-extraction and income inequality that stifles the economic capacity for more people to consume the digital products of a post-scarcity economy.

Serfs lack the leisure time and income to participate in artistic efforts to create a market for products and services of a digitally augmented and enhanced world.