Very interesting.
Austin Frank

C. Northcote Parkinson had a deep understanding of organizations, and you should congratulate yourself on independently discovering what Parkinson did. I expect you recall the adage “work expands to fill allotted to it” is named “Parkinson’s Law.” I recommend the book with the same name, “Parkinson’s Law” especially the chapter on committees which as a Congressional staffer I am sure you will enjoy.

I also recommend a book by John Gall named “Ssystemantics” as in “System Antics”

The theory of systemantics includes Parkinson’s Law as well as the Peter Principle although my favorite is the “coefficient of fiction” (not “friction, no “r” in “fiction”) which in its short form is defined as follows: “the coefficient of fiction in a system is the ratio of internal reality in a system to external reality.”

We all operate with values greater than one for our coefficient of fiction, and sometimes our coefficient of fiction can get quite high. Especially when we take ourselves too seriously. I always have to watch out for that when I comment on articles here. :)

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