Corporate Media Aren’t “The Press”, And They Don’t Deserve Your Sympathy
Caitlin Johnstone

Fake press shirks blame for defamation, but the real press takes responsibility for what they write or say.

You can sue true publishers for defamation, libel if written or slander if spoken.

I have yet to hear of WikiLeaks ever taking real responsibility for what they make public.

I would never advocate against leakers like Daniel Ellsberg and his revealing The Pentagon Papers, but I have trouble with “hands off” attitude of WikiLeaks.

Much of Julian Assange’s looks like simple self-aggrandizement. Assange exudes a moral superiority unwarranted by someone who simply passes on material without any effort to check the credibility of it.

Assange does little more than provide the Internet equivalent of a wall on which people post handbills or paste posters.

Snowden took responsibility for what he leaked just as Chelsea Manning did and as Ellsberg did before them.

Assange has my contempt because he just passes on what he is given, and never takes real responsibility for what WikiLeaks makes public.

Someone can personally take a real publisher to court and hold them accountable for the truth of what they publish. Melania Trump did that with The Daily Mail and won her lawsuit for libel. Fake publishers shirk responsibility for what they make public.

If we could hold Facebook responsible for what they allow people to post just as we hold publishers accountable for what they print or say then I expect we would see a lot less of the false statements and invective there.

In fact I wonder if Medium would take such responsibility?