The worst players of capitalism are companies in the labor market.
Andrei Draganescu

Salaries in job listings show market price for skills.

I admit that salaries can be gamed by companies offering jobs, especially when recruiting companies are doing the selection of candidates. However, checking the salaries offered in job listings help one determine if one’s compensation is above or below the current job market.

The best advice I every received about negotiated your salary is to have job offer from INSIDE the company as well as one from OUTSIDE the company. In that way, you prevent your manager from saying, “If you leave my department then you must leave the company” as you have an offer in another department who wants you, and it prevents your manager from saying, “I will block your transfer to another department” as you have an offer from another company and you can leave, much to the displeasure of the other department that wanted you.

In any case, you should have another lined up when you go into negotiate a salary increase, and if you can do it, have another job lined up when you go into a performance review although I admit that takes a lot effort.

Unless a job is toxic, and some really are, make sure you have job lined up before you leave a job.

Even without plans to leave your job, still look at the job listings for jobs you would like because the salaries offered for those jobs help you decide how much companies are willing to pay for someone to do the job you do.

In all cases, price is determined by the willingness-to-pay for a product or a service. Wages are like prices and are determined by what a company is willing to pay for the skills you have or the services you can perform for them.

Companies avoid paying more than they must to get someone to do your job. Find out what the market will bear, and remember it is a global job market.

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