Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD šŸŒ¹

What is the difference between capitalism and communism?

In capitalism man exploits man, but in communism it is the other way around.

I heard that from Russian in Moscow during the Soviet era.

What prevailed in communist societies, and continues to prevail in capitalist societies is the enrichment of an elite few at the expense of an impoverished many.

I have never understood the ā€œLife is not fairā€ asĀ anĀ argument for unfair behavior between people.

Life is indeed unfair unless we act to make it fair.

Life never needs to be a zero-sum game unless we make it so.

None of us can make it on our own, and we all need the work of others for us to live.

The question is do we just take from others so we can live, or do we help one another to make life fair because otherwise it would be unfair?

Rent-extraction just sucks the life from one person in order a more generous life for another.

Rent-extraction is both unfair, and immoral.

It does nothing to increase the common wealth of people, and in the end it will kill all of these.

It make take long time for all of us to die, but it will happen unless we do what we must do help make life more fair, and to reduce the suffering others rather than increase the suffering of many to enrich the life of a few.