Letter to Future ENG 214 student

Dear future ENG 214 student,

Go into this class with an open mind, and be aware that you will write a lot, but in a non-traditional format of blog posts (instead of papers). You may find that you really enjoy the freedom of writing in a different way, or you may not like it at all, or you may be like me and be just impartial about it.

You write about one topic for the entire class and you can’t change it so pick something you’re actually interested in!! You will write about your topic for the entire class so make sure it is a topic that is controversial and has a lot of discussion about it already going on in the world. I picked a topic I was really interested in so I didn’t have a hard time when it came to all the different prompts we had to write about for the blogposts.

Go to class!! I personally love school, so I went to class every day and genuinely enjoyed it. If you participate, you will enjoy being in class and learning how to think more critically about the world. (And it is probably a good idea to go to class since you do pay for it) Also, going to class is important because you get a better understanding of what the Professor expects from your blog posts. You have interesting discussions and will be asked to analyze your own opinions and biases as well as other people’s opinions and biases. The more open you are to learning, the more you will learn. Essentially don’t come in with an attitude that you know everything because you probably don’t!!

Time management is very important when it comes to doing the assignments for this class!! I never thought of myself as a the worst procrastinator in the universe but this class made me discover I have the potential to be!!Just set aside time when you are motivated to write, and do not put it off until the day it is due!!

Overall I would recommend staying with this class even if you may not think you are in the best situation to take it. This is a class you have complete freedom to learn more about a topic that you choose and you’ll find that if you put in effort, it is kind of rewarding to expand your knowledge by so much about something. This class taught me how to think more critically about the world and have a better understanding of people and views I don’t agree with, which is actually important in real life.

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