Activity# 1(My just start project)

I have few plans and goals for future, and when I look back I come to know that I had made many plans and many things to do. And I have tried my best to make those plans practical. The project/goal in which I am failed plenty of time is “Time Management”. I have found myself lazy all the time to achieve this goal for long time. I always have tried to manage my time efficiently but could not get very good outcomes. Then I got afraid of this activity, and remained confused all the time. Now, again I have made my mind that this is the time I have to do this at any cost. No matter, I get successful or again I face failure, I just have to try.

“Time management” has been the key of success for any successful person, organization, company or team etc. Nobody can get success or excel in today’s era without an efficient time management. Same is the reason of mine to achieve this goal. As I am about to enter in my professional life, and without managing my time properly it would be hard for me to survive. So this time I have to manage it. Obviously I have to try, “Allah will help me”.

There are few challenges which I have faced in achieving this goal. Like, I used to waste my time in idle activities. Wasting time in friends gossip is the main reason. At the same time I am lazy kind of person and I did not pay much attention to this thing. My father frequently advises me make my life organized but this thing still did not work. Although I had an idea that time management play vital role in anybody’s success yet I remained confused in this regard.

Following are three tasks I have identified to achieve this goal:

1) I will have to manage my time at week basis. Like during a week, whatever activities I’ll have, I’ll make list of all in a sequence and will manage them accordingly. As this is my last semester, I have studies burden. At the same time I am supposed to do my academy activities in time. So it would be a great challenge for me to manage both things in parallel. In this week I have completed my all assignments efficiently, so I have found myself successful to some extent.

2) I am fond of playing cricket and I never miss any cricket match of Pakistan. So I have to manage it too. I play cricket daily, and I have kept specific time in my week schedule to play cricket. Now I have decided not to play cricket daily, rather for four days in a week. This week I could not do this, but from next week to onward I’ll make it possible. So that, I may be able to utilize that extra time in my other useful activities.

3) I have decided a fix time to spend with friends in a week. I will not waste my time with them for no reason, and I know this would be the toughest task for me.

Well, this is great experience for me. I have taken tough decision and I have to go with them so may I succeed.1) I had study assignments in this week, at the same time academy assignment ,so I hardly made myself able to do all the stuff efficiently.2) As it is difficult for me to remain without cricket, so I could not achieve desirable results in this regard.3) I spend my whole day with friends, so I found it difficult to get away of them, but somehow I have told them of my position and I have manage it to some extent.

This was a great learning week for me. I found myself successful in managing my time efficiently .i learned that nothing is impossible, you are supposed to just start with determination and positive attitude. I have learned that we are in this world for a reason, and we need to know that reason. Our mind must be clear that we just have to try and try until get the purpose. This was a great test of my temperament and I have learned to manage my time a bit.

Now, the most important thing is to decide, that what must be next steps. So I have made my mind that I have to show great courage. I will read few motivational books or get any other stuff which may prove fruitful to make me more determined and strong at my acts. I need to know the significance of my precious time as this may be good opportunity for me to learn just before my professional life. I will pray to God to help me in this regard as without God’s help I am nothing.

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