Auto biography of Abdul sattar Edhi sb :

Use of principles of progress by Edhi sb :-

Eddhi sb seems using all the principles of progress, as he was not a very rich man but through his Amal and Khudi he made himself able to such miraculous achievements. At the same time his parents had great influence to make him a unforgotten hero. He used to study about revolutionary personalities, also he was fascinated by Gujrati papers for tourist information and observations on foreign lands. This shows ek aur ek giara, the principle of progress.Also he showed great sabr e jameel, as he just started on small scale, and ultimately achieved his ambitions and goals.


The example which I have found from the chapter embraces the one principle of progress Ek aur Ek giara. Although, Edhi sb had pity for poor, he was born with a great heart, but many other things also helped him in sharpening his determination and thoughts.

Why I choose this example???

As I mentioned, he had great feelings for needy, but there were some other elements which made him to think to do something big for those people. His mother was a good lady. He always persuaded him to think of other people needs. As she used to ask him divide the fruit packets among needy. She taught him differentiate between needy and lazy, as she used to say him that charity to useless people is poisonous. And this was the first habit, she instilled in him. She used to give him money and used to inquire, what he did with his money? She used to say him “seeds of greed grow into an oak tree”. So it was her mother who first made him think that social works were foundation of his future. His father taught him few things. Like it was his father who told him that think without limitations, and later he himself used to say that I can start small, but why should I think small. His father also told him that strength of words lie in implementation, otherwise they have no meaning at all. His father insisted, simplicity is only beneficial way of life. So collectively, I must say that this were his parents who made him a unique personality from the very beginning. He also met a stranger who taught him Quran and taught him the meaning of charity. Edhi sb used to consider him his very first teacher. He taught him to think broad, as he was against jahez. He used to say him this is a burden and later it will cause the destruction of Muslim community. He was also greatly inspired by different personalities, as he used to study about them. He used to study about war. He read Karballa incident and came to know worthy things, which he adopted in his life. His father also guided him in this regard, he told him that most of today’s Muslim groups are against injustice, they lack passion and honor, and this is the reason of their destruction.

How this example relates to my life!!

I must say that, this example relates to almost each and every successful person of the world, so relates to me as well. I was not a very brilliant student during school. My parents always pushed me to work hard. My teachers helped me to achieve what I have today. My father instilled great qualities in me, as he always have told me to speak truth, to help others, to think good about others. I have learned many things of my friends. I also like to study about heroes of history, especially Muslim freedom leaders.

What other people can learn of this!!

I think this principle can help anybody on this planet, if he can manage to get full benefit of this. As everybody must be having some people, some personalities or any other sources, through which he/she can get inspiration, so one should get maximum benefit of his/her sources. I believe that this principle ek aur ek giara keeps deep meaning, and if one can really understand the true meanings of this, there would be nothing to stop him to excel.

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