This isn’t a gaming problem — it is a collective social problem that transcends gaming or gender.
Lynn Fredricks

And drops of water won’t fill an ocean, until they do. The culture that accepts and minimizes rape jokes, and subtle sexual slights and assaults makes it easier for people to get away with the big ones. Someone who doesn’t see women as people with autonomy feels accepted and welcomed in a group that finds the small behaviors acceptable — and so they become someone who believes that this makes the large crimes acceptable too. Just look at the flood of comments from women here saying “Thank you for writing this”, and understand that being heard, being understood, being believed, gives us hope that it won’t always be this way, and that we can and should keep fighting, rather than give in to the constant micro and macro aggressions and assaults. Women are not weak, but we are exhausted, and articles like this, the idea that even one person out there might read this and understand, and support us, gives us just a little more energy, and brings a little more light into a dark world. I’m sorry you don’t see that.

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