Radical feminism talks about SEX BASED oppression.

Ho hum. The old “we’re not talking about GENDER we’re just talking about SEX” argument. Look. You seem to be confused about where to draw the line between Sex and Gender, oddly enough. There is the physical reality of the body (what you’d call sex). And there is what we as a society believe about the body (what you can call gender). There’s the body. And then there’s our collective and individual thoughts about bodies. There is no discrete line between the two. It is impossible to “sex” bodies without also gendering them. If it weren’t you wouldn’t be so concerned what trans men and trans women and nonbinary trans people call themselves and you wouldn’t work so hard to re-gender them back to their original sex assignments, and you wouldn’t work so hard to speak over them when trans people say “I am more than my reproductive organs and how people treat me because of them.” Patriarchy traffics in gender based oppression every bit as much as it does in oppression of the body, especially the reproductive female body. Using the short hand “Female,” as a stand in for a person with a specific reproductive tract is STILL gender. The choice to refer to any PERSON at all by their reproductive tract is Gender. Declaring that the reproductive tract is the only significant reality is just plain ole biological determinism. It’s not radical. It’s not feminist. And it’s not new. It’s just reducing people, especially people who have been classed into the binary gender identity called female/girl/woman, down to body parts. TERFs may believe there is no such thing as gender, and that only sex is real, but they still engage in gendering of other people. It is hypocritical. And it plays right into the hands of the patriarchy.

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