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I’m not sure what you’re struggling to understand. From what I’ve read, he is saying his issue is that TERFs erase him and his experiences as a trans man. TERFs, talk over him and condescend to him about his own experience and self identity. And TERFs ultimately define him as a woman and consider his self awareness delusional. I mean, sounds like typical patriarchal BS to me. That it’s coming from people who claim to be Radical Feminists is all the more ironic.

It’s really disturbing how TERFs are willing to look a trans man in the face when he says “Yeah i’ve been through all of that too, but I’m not a woman. My gender identity means something about from my reproductive history and upbringing.” And the response is “LOLOL silly woman, biology is destiny! Patriarchy defines you! That’s why we CARE so much about you! *head pat*.”

It’s … gross. I don’t expect TERFs to believe anything any trans woman would ever have to say about womanhood. That’s pretty much a lost cause. But they don’t believe trans men either. TERFs do not respect the right of ANY trans people to define their own identities/bodies/self awareness in spite of their reproductive organs. There’s something terribly patriarchal about that. And that irony is lost on the very people who claim to “care” the most about fighting patriarchy.

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