A Year To Die For

Self-Publishing for a whole year

It has now been an entire year that I have had my debut novel To Die For on sale. I have learnt so much over the year about writing, designing, formatting and self-publishing a book.

I never expected to be selling huge amounts, and would love to sell more, of course, but I am pleased to have produced such a range. My first four books have all been slightly different: a novel, a poetry collection, a play, and a short-read story. Currently I am writing a second novel, another poetry collection, and planning on a couple of other books.

I have a celebration giveaway running for my books, with prizes including FREE PAPERBACK copies for 1st and 2nd prize. All information can be found on my website.

It is a different world inside my head, and now I am supporting other writers in their projects, formatting, designing, editing, and much more. For some, I am merely writing a quick blurb for their story. For others I am providing edits of early drafts. The more I keep writing, the wider my skills get. The main focus is, as it says on my website, “Your Creativity in Your Hands.”

Writing is hard work, and it is a craft that takes practise, dedication, and often some harsh truths about what does and doesn’t work. But my passion is for the craft of a great story. I love the twists and turns in a great plot; the surprises and reveals; the shocks to the reader’s emotions.

Join in the Birthday Bonanza and enjoy my short read, Stench of Death for just 99p, leave a review, and see if you nab yourself the paperbacks. You could always gift them to people, or keep and read them yourself. Either way, enjoy them.