Andrew Endymion

Now, he’s a caricature of everything that’s wrong with the industry and he once despised — incredibly self-important, obsequious to many of the personalities he covers and formulaic (mostly mailbags/listicles with one or two transparently “controversial” rankings or omissions and lots of trendy pop culture references).

I have to respond to this.

incredibly self important

What does that even mean? I don’t think you can say his ego has gotten out of control. He admits his faults, biases, and when he’s wrong. He’s not perfect and doesn’t portray himself as such. He’s been hugely successful and as such is involved in a lot of ventures and entertainment areas as well as being the boss of many employees. He is important but doesn’t act much different than the guy I’ve been reading for over a decade.

Obsequious to many of the personalities he covers.

Really? You mean the guy who got suspended for criticizing Roger Goodell? The same guy who wasn’t afraid to criticize Goodell a second time which led to Bill basically getting fired? Bill may be overly friendly to Durant on a podcast but what sports guy wouldn’t do the same in that type of medium? Besides what should he do, rip Durant to his face for leaving OKC so Durant and other players never come on his podcast again? That’s neither smart nor realistic. No sports guy would rip a big time personality to his face on a podcast and Simmons is one of the few who would at least do it in an article.

Formulaic (mostly mailbags/listicles with one or two transparently “controversial” rankings or omissions and lots of trendy pop culture references)

I’ll give you this one. It’s all true, but than again it’s all the same stuff Bill’s been doing his whole career. If anything that right there is a testament to how much success hasn’t changed him or gone to his head. I don’t see how you can complain about a guy having a certain writing style and than sticking with it, especially when it’s brought him nothing but tons of fans and success. You have to be either a new reader of his material or a hater.

Obviously I’ve been a fan of Simmons for a while and about the worst thing I can say about his writing is I don’t enjoy it as much as I did in the past. Even still, entertainment wise I think he’s easily the best writer out there and he obviously hasn’t let success turn him into an asshole. I won’t gush about him like the OP but I will take this time to defend his name being dragged in the mud. After all the entertainment the guy has brought me over the years it’s the least I can do.

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