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I send a weekly “news” email. Here’s why: we get to digest the news, and then after a week we can think more deeply about the most insightful commentary. Last week’s headlines become this week’s thoughtful links, and it’s a feature, not a bug.

Last week’s headlines in your inbox this week: a feature, not a bug.


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Are Marketing Clouds Finally Ready to get Social Media Right? —

Hootsuite has always been in the corporate social space — it’s what their tool does. Now there’s increasing competition from marketing cloud providers: major players like Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft are building or buying social media tools for their marketing clouds. Will it work? My guess: yes.


GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters —

A few lessons here: obviously, be careful where you store your stuff; if you’re a marketer, assume the data you need is out there somewhere — stop guessing; if you’re a consumer, you should assume that every business knows everything about your digital life. Privacy is dead.

Amazon Bought Whole Foods

3 best articles:

Wholefoods open

1. The Shelf Life of John Mackey —

Here’s a deeply sourced profile of Whole Foods legendary founder. He claims to have been staying independent and resisting activist investors, but right after this was published he completely sold out. Fascinating story.


2. Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods —

This article gives you three reasons why Amazon could have bought Whole Foods.

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3. Amazon’s New Customer —

And this article shows the one real reason.


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Let’s Not Get Carried Away —

David Brooks, no supporter of Trump, chimes in with a little context and caution about the political class’s scandal-mongering.

Man vs apple social

One man in a tiny Irish town could derail Apple’s plans for Europe —

Here’s a story about how this one guy in a tiny Irish town could derail Apple. Talk about political activism!


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Quick Guide to Tweeting During a Tragedy —

The world doesn’t need our takes.


Career Monogamy: The Awkward Tech Sin of Longevity —

Perhaps twenty years at a company isn’t something that should have died with the last generation’s retirees.


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To Grow Faster, Hit Pause —

Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson has a method for stable, extraordinarily fast growth. Her list of questions shows how culture, process, and principle can thrive even when companies double or triple in size. Her methods are worth considering for leaders in other contexts as well.