Notes on Reinforcement Learning, GANs, Fairness and other themes from the conference

A joint post with Ofri Mann

We went to ICLR to present our work on debugging ML models using uncertainty and attention. Between cocktail parties and jazz shows in the wonderful New Orleans (can we do all conferences in NOLA please?) we also saw a lot of interesting talks and posters. Below are our main takeaways from the conference.

Main themes

A good summary of the themes was in Ian Goodfellow’s talk, in which he said that until around 2013 the ML community was focused on making ML work. Now that it’s working on many different applications given enough data, the focus has shifted towards adding more capabilities to our models: we want them to comply to some fairness, accountability and transparency constraints, to be robust, use labels efficiently, adapt to different domains and so on. …


Inbar Naor

Data Scientist at Taboola, working on Deep Learning applications for Recommendation Systems

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