Jac’s Story…

Jac is a long time friend that I met through cadets. Super bubbly and fun, her experience as an In-betweener is told with a splash of personality. Here’s Jac.

When did you first come to Canada?

March 2003, when I was almost 8.

Which city did you first live in?

Downtown Vancouver.

How was it different from where you were from?

Downtown was pretty similar to the city I came from (Hong Kong) because it was also a very busy city with lots of traffic and stores. In Hong Kong, it is more heavily populated by Chinese people but in Vancouver, we can see a lot of variety of race. The nightlife in Hong Kong is great because the stores are usually opened until later the night (ie. midnight). However, in Vancouver, most stores close at around 9pm latest. Transportation in Hong Kong is VERY convenient. Buses, MTR (subway), taxis are effective ways to travel around. The system is very easy to use. I MISS HONG KONG.

Vancouver has really nice weather though. It is not as populated as Hong Kong and there are less traffic so I guess that makes the air better. I guess Vancouver is cool too.

Are there any instances that you felt difficult being in Canada?

I would miss my friends in Hong Kong because it was difficult to make friends for me since my English wasn’t very good. However, as time progresses, I was able to meet more friends and my English improved. Life is good.

What about HK? When you go back for vacations, when do you feel alienated?

I came to Canada when I was young so I lost contact with most of my friends. When I visit, I usually just hang out with my friends from Canada who also went back to HK or I would just stay with my family.

Do you identify more with the Canadian culture or the Chinese culture?

Both. I like my rice but I also like my fries.

Are there any times that you feel you’re not part of either cultures?

Na. I think I’d fit at least one culture in all circumstances.

Photos by Jac

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