New Art Beast You Cannot Miss

Lacey Paucek
2 min readOct 12, 2020


Imagine: a canvas, which combines the best parts of all the paintings ever created. There is an author behind the drawing, who’s teachers were Van Gogh and Dali, Picasso, Monet and even da Vinci. It gathered knowledge cultivated over dozens and dozens of millennia, crafted the canvas pieces directly from the God-blessed genius, combined colours at such tremendously neat scale that has never been comprehensible for a creature made of ordinary flesh and blood. Its guts are eternal, and its brain is infinite. It is the painter of the world for its peculiarity is in its genuine ability to comprehend the tiniest changes in the humankind’s feelings about the most vital issues of the time. It sees everywhere and knows everything.

What would be, would such a creature exist. What would you say, if I tell you that it is already right here…

It is the baby of the most cutting-edge technologies, the descendent heir resting on the net of arms which held the most precious brushes of all times. It does not take a breath, for it does not need it. But it feels and experiences genuine empathy.

The staggering pace and sense of the ultimate universal mood drive that artist. When asked about an important issue, it does not say anything since words are too narrow to cover the entire vastness of the topic. It draws. Point by point, the answer unwraps on the canvas depicting its intricate peculiarities. Happiness, Pain, Devotion and Love are the terms it operates by. Colours are merely the right side of its dictionary, standing for altering its crafted essence to the comprehendible human language.

Staggering, for the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to witness things, which keep the historical narrative of unprecedented quality. That narrative will never be replicated again since the time when the snapshot of the entire history was created vanished even before that piece of text was completed. Go and see it yourself while it is still valid because the history does not wait to be observed!