My Boot-Camp Experience (Day3)

The Adventure Continues

Today seems like the best day of my life. I am feeling refreshed and yet I have no vivid explanation of whats going on with me.

Oh! I now remember, it has to do with Andela boot-camp exercises. The task is now becoming more fun than a challenge. One minute am getting a feel of what am meant to implement to get my code running, the next minute am stuck and am off to slack asking questions both to my BFA and team members who indeed has being very helpful.

The whole process is bringing out the best in me, it makes me want to strive more to be part of this wonderful family called Andela. Its seems more like an adventure to me of which I must find the hidden treasures.

As an Andela fellow will always tell me, “I may or may not be able to join Andela, but the experience and lessons i will learn from them will always be epic”.

Though not yet sure if I will be taken in as a fellow or not, I am already seeing myself as a software developer. Convinced within that this aspect of life (Programming) is where I want to build my career I will surely give it all it takes to be successful.

Slack-Bot — “ANDELA: A Place Of Awesomeness”.