What is happiness? What should I do to have happiness?

Happiness is something invisible and untouchable. Happiness can only be achieved by a good manner, a good philosophy of life, a calm soul, and a heart full of love. That is, even we have money but we do not have morality, we will not be able to have happiness. You can be proud of yourselves and live a comfortable life but make no mistake about it that you are happy.

So, how can we know if we are happy or not?

Let assess our inner feelings to know if we are happy. If you feel peaceful when the wind shakes leaves; if you love the kids who are happily having a shower in the rain or in the morning, you feel how lovely it is when the light goes through the leaves, the birds sing joyfully all over a garden… That means if you can understand happiness from very simple things, you reach the Dharma in some way. That kind of happiness cannot be bought by money because it can only be achieved by spiritual practitioners and those who have ethics because of their pure and calm mind. Once you have a pure and calm mind, adversities and misery in this life will not be able to cause you any troubles and you will always feel happy all the times and all the places.

Even when someone misunderstands and scolds you, you do not feel sad but still happy. Is it strange? — Because you think you are helping them reduce their stress and feel sorry for them. Those who can reach that level cannot be suffered by any ways and they can nd happiness in every aspect of this life and all Buddhists should be like that.

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