But in the quickly growing micromobility space, Future Motion could have some competition.

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CREDIT: Courtesy Future Motion

Walking was never Kyle Doerksen’s preferred mode of transportation.

In 2009, while working as an engineer at the Palo Alto, California, design firm Ideo, Doerksen often had to walk a mile between the train station and Ideo’s San Francisco office, where he sometimes worked. The trip along the San Francisco Bay to the pier where the office stood was a scenic journey, but a pesky one on cold or time-crunched days.

“I was always walking along there, daydreaming about how if there was something I could have taken with me on the train, I’d be there by now,” Doerksen says. …

MISFIT Juicery, an ‘Inc.’ 2016 Coolest College Startup, will receive mentorship and support from Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya.

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Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya chose six innovative food startups this week to be mentored in the yogurt company’s new incubator. One of the companies taking part in the inaugural half-year program may be very familiar to Inc. readers.

MISFIT Juicery, a brand that uses “ugly” and leftover produce in its juices to combat food waste, will join the program in October. Earlier this year MISFIT was honored as one of Inc.’s 2016 Coolest College Startups.

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MISFIT Juicery.

“Together we are going to fuel the food revolution,” Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya explained in the program’s video, referencing the business and consumer shift to natural, additive-free food that is shaking up the industry. …

After months of rumors, the incubator is now taking steps to move beyond only seed-level funding.

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Y Combinator is raising money to create a new VC fund according to forms filed with the SEC.

It’s called the Y Combinator Continuity Fund I. The company declined to disclose the amount raised, and the filing indicated that the first sale has yet to occur.

Business Insider’s Jon Marino first reported that Y Combinator was looking to raise several billion dollars for a fund in March.

According to sources, that fund would allegedly be used to support some of the incubator’s largest investments, although it has told potential investors it would still be looking to continue its investments on the seed level. …


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