But in the quickly growing micromobility space, Future Motion could have some competition.

CREDIT: Courtesy Future Motion

Walking was never Kyle Doerksen’s preferred mode of transportation.

In 2009, while working as an engineer at the Palo Alto, California, design firm Ideo, Doerksen often had to walk a mile between the train station and Ideo’s San Francisco office, where he sometimes worked. The trip along the San Francisco Bay to the pier where the office stood was a scenic journey, but a pesky one on cold or time-crunched days.

“I was always walking along there, daydreaming about how if there was something I could have…

MISFIT Juicery, an ‘Inc.’ 2016 Coolest College Startup, will receive mentorship and support from Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya.

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya chose six innovative food startups this week to be mentored in the yogurt company’s new incubator. One of the companies taking part in the inaugural half-year program may be very familiar to Inc. readers.

MISFIT Juicery, a brand that uses “ugly” and leftover produce in its juices to combat food waste, will join the program in October. Earlier this year MISFIT was honored as one of Inc.’s 2016 Coolest College Startups.

After months of rumors, the incubator is now taking steps to move beyond only seed-level funding.

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Y Combinator is raising money to create a new VC fund according to forms filed with the SEC.

It’s called the Y Combinator Continuity Fund I. The company declined to disclose the amount raised, and the filing indicated that the first sale has yet to occur.

Business Insider’s Jon Marino first reported that Y Combinator was looking to raise several billion dollars for a fund in March.

According to sources, that fund would allegedly be used to support some of the incubator’s largest investments…

Doughnuts are tasty but nutritionally useless. Entrepreneurs need to focus on products and technologies that provide benefits to us.

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A few years ago, Greg Marra, then a Facebook product manager, was describing the paradox of the News Feed, that endless stream of stories and shares and agita we can’t help but scroll through. He compared the feed to a stream of doughnuts — tidbits of negligible nutritional value that people just can’t resist. “If you just watch people eat doughnuts, you’re like, ‘People love doughnuts. Let’s bring them more doughnuts,’ “ Marra told Wired. “But if you talk to people…

This startup thinks social media could do a better job of taking the pulse on college campuses.

CREDIT: Courtesy College Pulse

As a college sophomore in 2015, Terren Klein learned very quickly the value of public-opinion polls.

In solidarity with other campus-based Black Lives Matter protests around the country, students demonstrated at Dartmouth College’s Baker-Berry Library. While the protest lasted just one day, it was all students at the New Hampshire institution could talk about for the rest of the quarter.

Like many of his peers, Klein wanted to make sense of the commotion, which he thought was getting distorted on social media. The…

A 22-year-old entrepreneur asked the Oracle of Omaha for one tip to pass on to his generation. Turns out, the advice is for every generation.

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Earlier this month, 22-year-old Michael Hood, the co-founder of the Toronto based start-up Voiceflow, whipped out his smart phone, pointed the video camera at Warren Buffett(who was sitting next to him in the backseat of a car), and asked the billionaire this question:

So you are talking to people that are 21, 22, just graduating school. What is one tip that you can give them?

The Oracle of Omaha did not hesitate in his response:

Green Roads is cashing in on the demand for products with cannabidiol while preparing for changes in the law that could soon transform the industry.

CREDIT: Courtesy Green Roads

Ready, set …

That pretty much describes the status of an entire industry — the makers of products containing cannabidiol, or CBD. The compound, added to everything from skin cream to ice cream, can be derived from hemp or marijuana and has been touted as a treatment for ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer. …

Some unusual sectors hold tremendous potential for entrepreneurs.

CREDIT: Clockwise from Top Left: Unsplash, Courtesy Company, Shutterstock, Getty, Shutterstock, Courtesy Company, Getty (2)

To launch a successful business, you need a good idea and the boldness to act on it. While all first-time entrepreneurs have their work cut out for them, anyone who can identify industries uniquely positioned for growth has a clear advantage.

That’s where Inc.’s best industries for starting a business comes in. Each year, we crunch the latest data and speak with industry experts to determine the sectors that are most likely to take off. Read on to see which industries are home to tomorrow’s fastest-growing startups.

Micromobility | Digital Therapeutics |…

A little swagger isn’t a bad thing. But when your ego gets out of control, you’re putting your business’s future in jeopardy.

CREDIT: Getty Images

I remember the first time I received thunderous applause following a speech. I can also recall all of the positive feedback I received after publishing my first book. And nothing could replace the sense of pride I felt when I started my own business.

The reason? We strive for recognition. It’s infectious. It makes us feel invincible.

That’s all well and good. But there’s also a downside: the development of an unhealthy ego.

While there’s nothing wrong with…

Stew Leonard’s, America’s most entertaining retailer, chose to grow slowly to preserve its family-friendly, quirky personality.

CREDIT: Getty Images/Courtesy Stew Leonard’s

Editor’s note: This tour of small businesses across the country highlights the imagination, diversity, and resilience of American enterprise.

Stew Leonard Jr. seeks glory in 4,000 pounds of Wisconsin cheddar. At the East Meadow, New York, outpost of the Leonard family’s eponymous supermarket, a cheese carverrecently sculpted the two-ton dairy product into the shape of a rock engraved with the company’s governing principles. Rule #1: The Customer Is Always Right. Rule #2: If the Customer Is Ever Wrong, Reread Rule #1.

“We are going…

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