Why it is Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity?

Sep 19, 2016 · 4 min read

“Branding is what people say about you, when you are not in the room”

Are you stuck between brand and brand identity? Well, don’t be! Let’s start with the basics first.

What’s a brand? A company strategizes to be a brand in order to stand out the market completion and achieve a longer period of relationship with its stakeholders. A strong brand reflects a greater market share, and people whole heartedly believe in the credibility of strong brands, out of their perceived level of brand loyalty. When a company chooses to strategize itself in true terms of a brand — its marketing tactics go beyond choosing a set of colors, a logo, a tagline and font. It’s more like a business strategy of any firm. However, there are many small scale businesses that neglect the importance of creating a brand instead of just going unnoticed by the major part of their potential customer base.

The following picture shows some of the key factors that play a significant role in creating any brand.

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Brand identity can be understood as the most significant pillar of a brand. It serves your brand as a set of criteria, which shows what your brand is all about and what not. Companies take a lot of time in thinking and creating a brand identity. It cannot be created in a definite time frame as it progresses over the time. When a company works on creating a brand identity, it makes sure that it’s like a unified piece of a puzzle.

There are certain aspects associated with the creation of a brand identity of any brand — its mission, values, positioning and tone.

Let’s have a quick review of all these aspects before jumping onto the importance of brand identity.

- A brand’s mission tells you about the overall philosophy of a company, highlighting the focused target market of that brand as well. For instance, the brand mission of Nike makes perfect sense when they say; “bring inspiration to every athlete”, because their focused target market is the feel of athlete in every individual or the athletes themselves.

- The second most important part of a brand identity is its values. What comes in your mind when you hear values of a brand? Something like norms?

The values of a brand identity serve as the guiding principles for any brand and its company. These guidelines help a company in maintaining a sustainable growth pattern, by following them while taking critical decisions. It’s a great idea to post a set of brand values in every department of the company, so then; the employees can take pride in associating them as an important part of that brand. Just like at thepineappleInc developers focus on achieving their client’s business objective through their web design. That’s their strategic value of doing business.

- The first two parts of a brand identity serves as the roadmap for achieving the targets of that brand. Positioning is the part where a company ensures that all the activities are strategized according to the pre-decided set of missions and values.

- The tone of a brand identity refers to the over representation of the set brand mission, values associated to that brand and the ways through they have positioned them to achieve all their targets. There are certain aspects of tone of a brand which reflects in each of their statements — be it their tagline, mission statement or any other press release. Walt Disney’s tone is quite youthful, which gives an image of innocence to its viewers. That’s one of the very useful branding strategies as this helps Disney to maintain an exciting image, as their target market is usually teenagers.

But why is it so important to strike the most suitable branding points for your brand? What is the hue and cry all about?

“A brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the other alternatives” — Seth Godin

Company recognition and well maintained momentum are the key qualities of a successful brand identity. The key is to place all the pieces together firmly. A strong brand is always consistent in being the best. Customers always prefer a brand which has got a history of sustaining a positive façade. You cannot afford to have any loopholes if you aim to achieve a benchmark on the scale on the scale of strong brand identity. It does not help a brand only having a good market reputation but also works as one the major reasons of increasing finances.

Hundreds of businesses struggle a lot just because they don’t pay a heed to brand identity. People are more attracted to the brand with which they have some emotional attachment. When it comes to the emotional part, values play a greater role. Customers take pride in using a brand that depicts an operational environment based on higher ethical vision.

The current market situation is a lot more competitive as compare to older times. Businesses have to focus on the perception they want to make in their customer’s mind. The perception is the key which drives the rankings of various brands. It’s too risky for a brand to have a weak brand identity and a company cannot survive the competition if it is perceived as a brand with generic aspects.

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