InCarMusic: Theft Proofing Your Car: A Few Tips

Car thefts aren’t as common today as they used to be. This is largely because of the increase in technologies that help to prevent them, and because of the increase in technologies that help catch them. Regardless, they do happen, and you shouldn’t make it easy for a would-be thief to steal your car, or the contents of your car.

Here, we are going to look at some of the things that you can do to protect your car from theft.

1. Don’t buy an old car just because you think there’s less likelihood of it being stolen. Unfortunately, there are different types of thief for different types of vehicle:
a. Cheap/old cars: the preferred target for joy riders. These people will steal your car and then set it on fire to get rid of the evidence.
b. Nice/newer cars: this is the preferred target of the professional thief. While it’s highly unlikely, sometimes you will get the car back.
c. Vans: thieves steal these for the contents, rather than the van itself. Again, they’ll usually set them on fire.
So, the first rule is don’t buy your car depending on how likely it is to fall victim to theft. They’re all attractive to one thief or another.

2. Always install anti-theft devices. Thieves, and all of us really, prefer to take the easier route.
a. If your car has a good alarm system, then it will prove an excellent as a deterrent.
b. You should also install a tracking device on your car. Even if you can’t afford to buy a tracking device, at least buy a sticker that says ‘this car has a tracker’. Whether it’s true or not, if the next car doesn’t sport such a sticker, they’ll steal that instead. It’s not fair, but thieves are like that. They don’t care, unfortunately.

3. Always keep personal items out of view of the windows. My partner is always telling me to put my handbag in the boot, even if I’m just popping into the local shop. It’s a good idea to do so, because this prevents opportunistic thieves. They’ll smash and grab just for the sake of it.

4. Similar to the above, you should always install a car stereo with a removable front, so that you can take it out when you’re not in the car. This renders the stereo completely useless. There’s no point in them stealing it, because they will never get it to work again. With flip out car stereos, it can be a little harder to find one that has anti-theft capabilities. However, the flip our car stereos with partially removable screens tend to offer the best solution to this problem.

5. Make your parking as awkward as possible. Bad parkers, breathe a sigh of relief, this is where you come into your own. The harder you make it for thief (and yourself) to pull back out of the parking spot, the more you will deter them from doing so. These people want an easy option, so make it as hard as you can.

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