What Clothes a Person Needs to Pack for Hiking the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is actually three trails that overlap and these include the Mollepata, Classic, and One Day trails. This Peruvian trail usually takes four or five days to complete, so it is imperative that hikers pack everything that they will need for that period of time. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of the trail and possibly miles from anywhere and not being dressed appropriately.

Here are the clothes that a person needs to pack for hiking the Inca Trail:

1. Jeans are necessary for hiking later in the day once the sun is beginning to set and the temperatures cool down.

2. Light zip-off pants can be handy because the bottoms can be quickly zipped on and off depending on the temperature of the day and time.

3. Anyone who plans on taking advantage of the rivers and other water sources on the trek will want to have a bathing suit with them.

4. Three pairs of underwear are necessary as they will need to be changed more frequently than anything else. It is recommended that people pack underwear that is quick dry, because it absorbs the moisture and sweat better.

5. Three t-shirts, which again should be made of quick dry material. The trail is long and the weather may be hot, so sweating is guaranteed.

6. At least three pairs of socks are needed and should be made from moisture wicking material. The socks should be thick enough to keep blisters at bay and make walking more comfortable.

7. Two polartech tops are necessary, with one being heavier than the other. A person will want to be prepared when the temperatures drop later in the day.

8. Thermal underwear will make a person more comfortable at night when they are sleeping.

9. It does rain on the Inca Trail, so it is recommended that everyone packs a rain jacket and rain pants. These items will keep regular clothes dry during any rain shower or storm.

10. A hat can help keep the beating sun out of eyes and keep a person from getting too sunburned.

11. Gloves can be worn during the day to keep hands from getting scratched during difficult parts of the journey and they can also be worn at night to keep the hands warm.

These items should ensure that everyone completes the Inca Trail successfully without freezing or being too warm. It may seem like a lot at first, but it is better to be prepared for a hike of this duration.

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