Driving demand for Incent from the Off!

We’re hugely grateful to those of you who have placed your faith in us by buying Incent during this ICO and we’d been racking our brains for a way of repaying that faith with a strong secondary market for Incent as soon as we possibly could.

A couple of weeks back the answer came to us. We’d been widely congratulated on the quality of our bespoke ICO deposit tech which, uniquely in the market, is built on Google’s Firebase (with all the security and seamless scale-ability that comes with it) — so why not market it to other ICO teams?

As we began the task of polishing up the code, we made 3 more decisions:

  1. Our offering would be a turn-key, hosted solution.
  2. We would only offer this product to ICO’s on the Waves platform.
  3. We would bake-in Incent as a reward for investment, paid for by the client — just as it will operate in commerce.

Put another way, we saw the opportunity to leverage a product we had already built, dog-food and support the secondary market for Incent, and drive more business onto the Waves platform.

So, long story short, today we ‘pushed’ the ICO tech code for review by our very first Incent partner, Cannabis Revolution, who start their ICO for ‘tokes’ on 2 Dec — just after our own finishes. I must say that already, I’ve been pretty impressed with their professionalism and having dabbled in this space personally 18 months back, we think their concept is really strong and they are clearly well backed — you would be wise to take a very close look.

In the meantime, those of you who have read out ICO literature will appreciate that there is a bigger play here. Since our role is to reflect all commercial demand for Incent back into the secondary market, this initiative is designed to support market price, to the benefit of all holders of Incent, right from the off.