First Bricks and Mortar Partnership

In parallel with ongoing corporate business development effort we’ve been on the hunt for the right merchant partner with whom we can develop and roll-out Incent in a bricks n mortar environment. Today that search came to successful pause when we agreed on a development and pilot program with Marty Hocknell, co-founder of Sydney bar, the Temperance Society.

We selected a bar for a couple of reasons. Firstly we see huge potential for Incent in this sector. Secondly, if Incent’s Point-of-Sale applications can perform in a commercial bricks n mortar environment of this intensity, they’ll work anywhere.

We have selected the Temperance Society for a few other reasons. Firstly, its an excellent establishment (…naturally!) whose clientele will, we judge, intrinsically understand and value Incent. Secondly, the Temperance Society is situated in the center of Summer Hill, a charismatic ‘village’ suburb of Sydney which has managed to retain a vibrant hub of local businesses. We’d love to provide this village with a means to stimulate and protect their local ecosystem and assuming we can deliver a product that adds value for the Temperance Society, we recognize the potential for rapid proliferation throughout the merchant community surrounding it.

More generally, this is the vehicle through which we intend to develop and hone a product package that community partners can market into their own local areas for profit. We love the idea of providing our supporters with a powerful business tool upon which to build their own businesses and we aren’t blind to the powerful network effect this might generate if we can construct a partnership package that works for everyone.

While this is a little way off — it isn’t that far in the future and since we are asking for your funding support, we want to keep you abreast of the partnerships we are securing — and equally importantly, our rational for targeting them.

In the meantime, congratulations to Marty and his team at The Temperance Society! You are going to make history as Incent Bricks n Mortar Merchant #1! Yay!