Postponing the start of our ICO for two weeks

Dear All

As you are aware we planned to launch our ICO on the 12th of October.

Many thanks for your interest and support; all this has been forcing us to create something really unique and valuable for the community.

Some of you have made extremely useful suggestions. We appreciate it very much.

One of the most important issues that you pointed out is the legal structure of the platform and legitimacy of its activities. In the last couple of weeks we have dived quite deep into this problem exploring different options and solutions.

Given the complexity of the issue and a lack of examples where really thoughtful approaches have been exploited (some interesting analysis is here and here, we have decided postponing the start of our ICO for two weeks, just to be sure that we offer and deliver the best possible way of establishing our platform from the legal point of view.

The safety of your investments is our top priority. Therefore, everything should be absolutely certain before we start onboarding your money.

Obviously, we will be keeping you posted and your helpful comments and suggestions are very much welcomed as usual.

For those participating in our marketing campaigns, please, be aware that we are figuring out some extra benefits for you and will update you due the course.

Best regards,

Inchain team