Signature Campaign Details

Aug 28, 2016 · 2 min read

We would like to request all the signature campaign participants to register their information in the following form to be eligible for a payout from the bounty pool once the ICO concludes:


1) The Inchain campaign shares will be distributed weekly to the participants

2) All members need to post at least 50 posts by the time the ICO ends to be eligible for a reward. This means that members participating today have N weeks to meet the criteria, while last week ones have only one week.

3) The shares will be distributed weekly in the following ratio:

Legendary/Hero : 2 Shares

Senoir/Full : 1.5 Shares

Junoir/Member: 1 Share

4) The whole bounty pool will be divided among the participants proportionally to the amount of their shares.

For now, you can check your application status here:




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