Professional Communication Skills- Questioning (3 of 5)

Questioning is an essential tool at workplace to learn new information, develop information, resolve confusions/conflicts, arrive at optimal solutions and more.

To put it in absolute blunt terms your growth as an individual, professional and within a company greatly depends on this.

Here are the ways to get better at questioning in both verbal and written communication

1. Split questions into small ones.
Helps multiple people participate.

2. Number your questions.

Makes it easy for readers to pick and choose what to answer. No number means expect a random answer. After a few replies the whole conversation becomes a mess that no body wants to follow.

3. Explain why you are asking and what you already know 
Only if you think it helps get a better answer. Ignore it otherwise.

4. Assume nothing, question everything… until you fully understand.

But don’t use ambiguous words like this, that, some, etc., Refer the first skill I sent out.
Given we are still at the beginning phase of developing professional communication skills this point is even more important.

5. This is more about improving upon others questions. This is important skill in a professional setting.

Most questions at first are not clear enough to understand the real intent/problem. Help other questioners tune their questions to bring out the real problem.