Freedom is a dream to believe

Freedom is a dream to believe. It is everyone under the sky fireworks blasting rainbows and everyone pausing to gasp in sheer wonder despite all lives lived all dreams differed all histories hallucinated. Wonder is instinct. Instinct is humanity.

Freedom gives you the power to be you and the power to believe. Because freedom is a belief, not a fact.

It is an argument, not a guarantee. It is an adventure, not a state of being.

It is air, not stone.

Freedom to be you is the freedom to live the dream of yourself.

To acknowledge the power of yourself, to believe in the responsibility you have to make the most of your life but not just your life but our life, the life we share because like it or not, this dream is better shared, this dream is better open than closed, it is better

without the crosses of labels,

the whimpers of self-help media,

the ocean froth of lava hate,

the squelching squealers of social,

the blubbering bogs of blogs,

the advertised accusations of authors aiming attitude at automated apostles, ravenous ravagers of sense and sensation.

Freedom is a dream of a word, a dream of an idea, a dream of a value, a dream of a belief, a dream of a dream that is life.

Freedom is the dream of building yourself in your own image.

But to question freedom is to question everything. To question freedom is to question your own strength. To question your own dream.

To question freedom means shedding all power, shedding all responsibility, shedding all accountability, standing naked demanding the world acknowledges your freedom but only if you are free to act without consequence, free to force your idea of freedom on others, to navigate courts and institutions interested in interring iterations of ideas.

Freedom is fettered by festering flourishes of the legions, because the legions are not free. The crowd is a cage. Freedom is the self, existing within and without the crowd.

Freedom is the belief that to exist is a miracle, a miracle to be treated with care, compassion, community.

A miracle that comes true with belief.