Sonic Destruction

Just sittin’ playing guitar in the living room. Not just any living room, the perfect guitar environment. Fullerton Strat, vintage EMG,s>resistance mixer>clean boost>digitech 500>stereo insert to tc g system>right out to looper>left to tc petrucci>to tc nova delay>right laney 15 tube>left to deluxe reverb.

The echoes were syncing, looping in a minor way. My nails were digging in a little, and I was thinking, “wow, this thing could blow” when POW! Darkness.

One hour till book club ends, phew! Light? Last nite was new battery night. Headlamp, phone, phoneflashlite, back in bizness! Breaker, no help. Out the front door, total darkness. Hmm! Call PUD, trick the system to get competent person on line. Sure enough eighth caller, the entire grid from living room at a 45 degree angle towards the equator to Northwoods Blvd. Walking the neighborhood in complete awe of myself.

The power comes on five hours later, and I share the story all day, refining the glory of it all. Sadly I later learn it was an indirect hit. Turns out, the power of the guitar blew a car off the road into a power pole.

Sonic Destruction.