Star Wars: the Last Jedi — Review

Incluvie Rating: +4

Short description of the movie: The Jedi Order is all but extinct. The next generation of rebels go on a quest to find Luke Skywalker who has become a hermit committed to letting the order go extinct. The evil empire has reorganized into the First Order and is spreading dominion across the universe with non-discriminatory destruction. It is a classic plot of good trying to rebel against the growing oppression of evil spreading.

Diversity Review: Many of the holdover characters from when the series started in 1978 reflect Hollywood biases of that time. The Last Jedi reflects an inclusive cast of characters representing a cosmopolitan sampling of race and gender as main characters. The positive rating is given because the series shows a progression of character development that empowers the spirit of diversity within the make-up of the next generation of heroes.

Review by Steven Camara of Northeastern University on a project with Incluvie

Incluvie rating where +5 celebrates diversity, 0 ignores diversity, and -5 is hateful towards diversity