It starts with asking one very simple question

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By Alexa von Tobel

In the early stages of company-building, product-market fit, the most critical question you have to answer is: Are there enough customers who want your product?

That’s not always an easy question to answer. Because the market for your product is always evolving, product-market fit isn’t a box to check off. It’s a constant conversation to be had whenever the economy ebbs and flows, or when customers’ wants and needs change. …

Less is more because brevity is the soul of wit

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By Geoffrey James

Based upon working remotely since (wow, has it been that long?) 1996, here are five short, sweet emails that I’ve found extraordinarily useful:

1. The Stall and Probe

Problem: Your boss suddenly and unexpected asks to meet with you.

Dumb Move: Immediately hop on the phone with the boss. Chances are you’ll be blindsided and thus less able to advance your own interest.

Smart Move: Find out what the boss wants and secure some time to think about it, so you’ll be prepared for the discussion.

Example (customize as necessary):

SUBJECT: Re: We need to talk

I’m in a meeting with a customer but will be free in an hour. …

When reality flips upside-down, SF can accelerate innovation

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By Roger Spitz and Lidia Zuin

At the beginning of the quarantine, Prof. PhD. Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay from the University of Oslo published a video on Facebook in which he argued that science fiction fans are rarely surprised by anything, since they have already seen/experienced this scenario as a fictional narrative. It is true that science fiction, horror, and fantasy explore scenarios like the end of the world, alien invasions, and machine uprisings. But despite all the movies, games, and books about pandemics, were we really ready for Covid-19?

The answer is both yes and no. While we have already seen such developments in fiction, watching a movie about an apocalypse certainly does not prepare you for one. Although we all long for technology that can upload kung fu into our brains like Neo in The Matrix, this is not possible — yet. …


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