The Incodium E-Commerce Platform

As part of our extended platform, Incodium is partnering with a number of manufacturers to provide access to innovative products in exchange for Incodium coins (INCO). We introduce NIRVANA

Nirvana is a personal ear acupressure device for Anxiety and Stress. The product is based on auricular acupuncture.

  • Auricular acupuncture provides relief through the stimulation of definite points on the ear
  • The ear is described as a Microsystem because every part of the ear corresponds to a well-defined part of the body. The vagus nerve that runs through the entire body transmitting nerve signals is also present in the ear
  • Stimulating the ear through acupressure provides therapeutic relief to the entire body
  • Use Nirvana for pain relief, stress relief, deep sleep, and entertainment.
Incodium team trying on Nirvana headset at Fuman headoffice in Pangyo, South Korea

There are a number of things that set this product apart:

  • Nirvana is a first of its kind product. There are no competing products. There are acupuncture machines for other parts of the body, and there are countless headphone devices. However, by providing relief through acupressure and entertainment, Nirvana is in a class of its own with hardly any products coming close.
  • Nirvana is very affordable. Compared to the price of a visit to an acupuncture clinic, Nirvana is quite cheap considering it can be used for a long time.
  • Nirvana provides non-invasive therapeutic functions, and the only side effects are less stress, less pain, and deep sleep.
  • Nirvana is available for shared usage. One product for multiple users.

This product will be available on the E-commerce site of the Incodium platform. INCO holders will have the opportunity to own this product before it is available on the open market in exchange for Incodium coins (INCO)

For more information on Nirvana and their Kickstarter campaign, visit

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