Incodium Making News in Korean Market

Incodium featured in a report published by the DACO Industrial Research Institute in Korea. The report titled ‘Blockchain Technology, Market Forecast and Major Projects Based on Blockchain Strategy’ shed some light on promising blockchain projects, strategies and the ideas driving the projects.

South Korea has been quickly rising in the ranks as a major player in blockchain technology and endeavors to ‘disrupt’ (in a positive way) the economy, with cryptocurrency investments amongst the highest in the world. The report shows a comprehensive analysis of the blockchain-technology development trends of the past years, the market prospects, and the major projects presenting a new business paradigm. Incodium is highlighted as a project with great potential and a growing following in section IV of the report.

Incodium is presently making strong inroads into the Korean cryptocurrency market, aiming to use the local market as a springboard for further expansion abroad as the project progresses.

Please find the link to the article attached below (Korean version only).